About You

You stepped into the coffee shop, looking idly around, as you shook the raindrops off your “knirps” umbrella. (We are in Zürich, after all.)

Our eyes met. You broke out into a smile, and took broad steps across the coffee shop towards our table by the window…

First, I listen.

This is how I have become good at what I do. First, I listen to you. Then, I work with you to develop holistic strategic communications plans to realize your goals.

This isn’t just about getting a website launched or getting press, it’s about You — starting up your new business, announcing a new concept, inspiring your coworkers and friends, or setting the record straight.

Then, we talk.

Some of the ways I help people like you:

  • Strategize communications plans and campaigns. I help you come up with ways to help you raise your profile or gain visibility in the public eye.
  • Write. I have written stories, articles, blog posts, web sites and other pieces.
  • Edit and translate. I edit works so they resonate with your audiences. Being able to speak German and French has also awarded me the opportunity to translate some inspiring works written in your mother tongue.
  • Inspire. Sometimes, you need a fresh perspective, a little encouragement, and a reminder as to why you started with your project, your business, your dream in the first place.
  • Media Relations. I also come up with ways of getting your voice, company, or concept, in the press.
  • Public Relations. I help you position yourself where you are now, so the next logical step is where you need and want to be.

My guess is, you heard about me from a friend. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

Let’s have coffee 🙂

Feel free to contact me to tell me about your project, your idea, or your dreams. Let’s have a good conversation, brainstorm ideas and manifest your desires into reality — or let’s figure out how to reframe your situation to help you gain perspective and begin to forge a newer, clearer path.

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