C. T. Luna | Author

You might have seen or heard that I am currently working on a novel. It’s something that I do in between everything else.

For the curious among you, here’s a blurb (the catchy description you would see on the back cover of the book) of what it’s turning out to be:

Who’d have thought being a PR flack could be so dangerous? Sidney’s ordered world of transparency and freedom of information quickly spins out of control when an intern is murdered on her office desk. Sidney St. Claire must uncover the truth before the tangled web of information destroys her life and the lives of those she loves. But what she finds might be spun too tight to ever be unraveled.

So, maybe “aspiring author” might have been a more appropriate headline here, but I like to write “as if”.

You can also learn more about my novel writing process on my Blog here.